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Mehdi Chebil - Freelance Photojournalist

Hong Kong, October 2019 - Protesters dress in black to turn China's national day into a 'day of mourning'

Beijing, October 2019 - Chinese visit an exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of Communist rule

Hong Kong, September 2019 - A protester uses a racket to send back a tear gas canister during clashes

Chaville, October 2019 - Peter Handke in his garden after learning that he won the Literature Nobel Prize

Algiers, March 2019 - An Algerian protester holds a presidential portrait where the face has been cut out

Paris, April 2019 - Parisians watch from a bridge as a fire engulfs the Notre-Dame cathedral

Mosul, September 2017 - Widespread destruction in Mosul after Iraqi forces took it back from the Islamic State group

Mosul, September 2017 - An Iraqi guard takes a selfie amid the rubble of what used to be Mosul's old town

Paris, November 2018 - Thousands of Yellow Vest protesters march on the Champs-Elysees avenue

Algiers, March 2019 - Algerian mass protest against the regime

London, June 2016 - A woman smokes next to a newspaper kiosk the day after Britain voted to leave the European Union

A Euro currency coin cut in two, symbol of the Eurozone crisis

Paris, March 2016 - French students during a protest against the government labour reform bill

France, May 2017 - Emmanuel Macron celebrates in the Louvre courtyard after winning the French presidential election

France, March 2016 - A migrant plays with his child in France's first humanitarian camp near Dunkirk

France, August 2015 - A Spanish bullfighter on horseback during a corrida in Beziers

Palestine, September 2011 - Palestinian farmers collect destroyed olive trees in Qusra after their grove was attacked by Jewish settlers

Jerusalem, May 2008 - The Dome of the Rock seen through a heart-shaped piece of barbed wire

Switzerland, October 2012 - A drug addict injects heroine in his neck in a Swiss "shooting gallery" because his other veins are too damaged

Donetsk, April 2014 - Ukrainian police try to hold their line to prevent pro-Russia separatists from attacking terrified pro-Maidan demonstrators

Alger, January 2012 - A shop in the Casbah whose walls are adorned with pictures of martyrs killed during the Independence war against France

Paris, January 2015 - Some four million people marched across France following the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks

Tunis, January 2011 - Tunisian youths celebrate around a policeman's helmet in one of the first Arab Spring protests

Cairo, August 2013 - A wounded protester is evacuated on a motorbike amid a bloody crackdown on pro-Morsi supporters

Egypt, February 2011 - A pro-Mubarak man riding a camel charges anti-regime protesters on Tahrir square

Egypt, February 2011 - Anti-Mubarak protesters sleeping under the tracks of tanks to prevent them from moving

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Paris, November 2019 - A Yellow Vest protester with a Macron mask gestures in front of a barricade on fire

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