Forest fires in France Spain Drought Kharkiv training Ukrainian helicopters African migrants in Assamaka Migrants brave snow to trek into France Hong Kong protest clashes China leaders PRC 70th anniversary Hong Kong protest on China national day Covid patient prepares leaves clinic after recovery Yellow vest protest in Paris Lebanon blast commemoration Beirut nightlife after blast Nobel laureate Peter Handke portrait Algeria Hirak Mosul air strike destruction Mosul destruction soldier selfie horse corrida qsura olive grove Jerusalem Berne syringe shoot Donetsk separatists Tunis casbah revolution Battle of the Camel

Mehdi Chebil - Freelance Photojournalist

France, July 2022 - Women bath as a large smoke cloud from massive forest fires billows over Arcachon

Spain, May 2023 - A Spanish farmer shows his dessicated soil after losing his cereal crop due to drought

Ukraine, January 2022 - Civilians getting trained in Kharkiv before the Russia invasion

Ukraine, February 2023 - Maintenance work on Ukrainian helicopters near the Donbas front

Niger, November 2022 - Africans who have been expelled from Algeria in Assamaka

French Alps, February 2021 - North African migrants struggle to keep their balance as they trek in knee-deep snow to reach France

France, March 2020 - French writer Annie Ernaux in her garden

China, October 2019 - Exhibition in Beijing celebrating the 70th anniversary of Communist rule

Hong Kong, October 2019 - Protesters dress in black to turn China's national day into a 'day of mourning'

France, April 2020 - A man who survived Covid-19 after 15 days in ICU is applauded as he leaves the clinic

France, November 2018 - Protesters on the Champs-Elysees avenue at the peak of the Yellow Vest revolt

Lebanon, October 2020 - A young woman who lost her mother in the Beirut port blast takes part in a commemorative event

Lebanon, October 2020 - Nightlife in Beirut's Mar Mikhael neighbourhood two months after the port blast

France, October 2019 - Peter Handke in his garden after learning that he won the Literature Nobel Prize

Algeria, March 2019 - Mass protest in Algiers against the regime

Iraq, September 2017 - Widespread destruction in Mosul after Iraqi forces took it back from the Islamic State group

Iraq, September 2017 - An Iraqi guard takes a selfie amid the rubble of what used to be Mosul's old town

France, August 2015 - A Spanish bullfighter on horseback during a corrida in Beziers

Palestine, September 2011 - Palestinian farmers collect destroyed olive trees in Qusra after their grove was attacked by Jewish settlers

Jerusalem, May 2008 - The Dome of the Rock seen through a heart-shaped piece of barbed wire

Switzerland, October 2012 - A drug addict injects heroine in his neck in a Swiss "shooting gallery" because his other veins are too damaged

Ukraine, April 2014 - Police in Donetsk try to hold their line to prevent pro-Russia separatists from attacking pro-Maidan demonstrators

Tunis, January 2011 - Tunisian youths celebrate around a policeman's helmet in one of the first Arab Spring protests

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Egypt, February 2011 - A pro-Mubarak man riding a camel charges anti-regime protesters on Tahrir square

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